The Law of Attraction is a well know wave of new age philosophy and everybody is so eager to learn about it and just start living the the life they always wanted to.  You have just started learning the about the law of attraction but the amount of information available in this age of technology can be overwhelming for some. I understand it because when I started working on my Law of Attraction mindset it was very distracting for me also. I started off with writing affirmations, keeping gratitude journals, saying certain lines and words to myself daily with much conviction and what not.  But nothing helped as I was way too far from the very core of the Law Of Attraction.  Now after around seven years of constantly reading, learning and practicing on this, I can surely help you in finding a starting point for yourself.  I have already discussed same  in two of my previous posts  what is Law of Attraction and how can it help you change your life and Decode The Law of Attraction.  I recommend going through these posts before going ahead as it will help you understand it even more.

     So to begin with, all you need to understand is that you can not start your Law of Attraction journey because it already is active in your life and you are going on with it every single moment, every day, of your life

The Law of Attraction is not optional.  You can not choose to have it or not.  It is always working, so what do we do now ? well, the answer is simple, you have to reboot your mind.  You need to learn how can you go ahead and actually use your frequency in your favor. 

  So, you will start learning how the law of attraction works not any actual journey. I started understanding it in 2012 with the famous and very much a basic book “THE SECRET”, but when I finished that book I was like what??? that’s it ??? I said to myself “NOO”, there must be so much more to this concept than this book.  Although I am so much more grateful towards this book that I came across it and actually this was the starting or igniting point of my learning but there were so many questions that were unanswered or unaddressed this was giving me an itch to learn more about it.  So the first thing that I did was searching YouTube and then one fine day I came across Teal Swan’s interview on my favorite channel for meeting new spiritual leaders and that is Wisdom From North and there she explained one thing that I quote again and again to many people at various points. 

 “The single binding law of our particular universe is the law of attraction and it is the governing law.
So when we came into this time space reality we agreed to the fact that our thoughts will mirror externally. Its like, when you look at the mirror, you can see what there is. But it can not happen that you stand in front of that mirror and say I am not here. NO, it certainly will not happen.  So please understand here that whatever you will think or focus upon, will reflect in our external reality.”

     So, from now on, you need to be a bit conscious ( ‘a bit’ because this is all about enjoying the process ) about what your thoughts are focused upon. Because the vocabulary of the universe is limited to only one word and that is “YES”. So if you are saying “I am broke. I am broke, I am broke” then universe will understand that you need to experience how it feels to be broke and then you will be matched with people, places, things and circumstances which will then help you become broke and finally all the money and assets you have will be gone and now you are broke. Hence, the universe delivered exactly what you wanted.  It has done its job beautifully in delivering you the exact experience you intended to havethe .  So the universe is actually neutral and just responding to your vibrations.

Now you must be thinking that “oh my god, I have created such a mess for myself”. Yes !!! that was exactly my reaction too.  But not to worry and better to start from this point onward then not to start at all. 

First of all, you need to ask why you want this specific desire or experience in your life. What purpose will it solve or how will it add to your growth as a human.  

 Why you want to be the director of the company that you are working in.  If you are just interested in bossing around or you actually want to understand what it demands or what it takes to be at that position.  Are you aware of the responsibilities inevitably attached to that office or are you wiling to stay in the office after working hours just to address some queries your overseas clients have. Or, are you willing or ready to say no to some personal engagements in order to attend a late evening meeting.  If all the answers are in yes then you are having the right intention.  Now start behaving like you already are on the position and universe will start processing people, places, things and circumstances to match with your vibrational frequency.  So just keep in mind that you will have to behave like that first. its simple just like standing in front of the mirror.  You get what you are.  You see what is and you don’t see what’s not there.  

Just like this, in order to attract the love of your life, just be the love of your life.  Carefully observe what and how you talk to yourself.  Every fiber of your being is secretly listening to it and by changing the words and the way you talk to yourself you can actually change the reaction of every cell of your body.

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Right now, you can start making little changes to start with and these will help you in a long way. Like, for instance, I adopted now mindsets:-

 1. There is always good in every bad situation.  It took me a long time to understand it.

2. Nothing bad can happen to me. this is all just an experience.

3. Be flexible to the possibilities.  Don’t focus on how you want it just focus on what you want and rest depends on the  universe.

4. Count yourself worthy.  Understand this that every desire you have, can be and will be fulfilled and you deserve every bit of it because if you were not to be entitled for it, you would not have this desire inside you to begin with.  If you are having a desire of anything or anyone on this earth then trust me you are worthy of it 

and only that is why you have this desire inside your heart.

5. Be Happy.  Try to understand what makes you happy.  If you are usually happy, you tend to find more things in your life to be happy about.  If you see life as a struggle, you end up with more struggle.

And most importantly “Be Flexible” to the possibilities and enjoy (and I mean it when I say it) “Enjoy The Process as you get many more other good things that are aligned to your happy frequency.  Don’t focus on how you want it just focus on what you want and rest depends on the universe. 

You can also follow these exact changes and see for yourself what is different in coming days and let me know too.

I hope this post has helped you somehow to understand that Law is Attraction is a friend that can only bring you joy if trusted.  I have tried to keep this post as simple as possible but if you have any questions or suggestions kindly do not hesitate dropping me a comment in the comment section below or if you want to contact me personally then please send me an email at [email protected] .  I would love to hear from you and will show up here soon with more amazing posts on the law of attraction and the metaphysical, till then “HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND OF-COURSE DARLINGS, KEEP LOVING YOURSELF.

Note : please excuse grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in my posts. Just focus on the message that is what the most important thing is. But if you notice anything and you think it needs to be corrected just e-mail me on [email protected] I will be forever thankful.


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