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          In this post, I am going to tell you what the Law of Attraction means and how can it help you change your life in a very simple way.  I will explain this with as much simplicity as possible but after carefully reading this post, if you still think you have any doubts, you can ask me anything in comment section or just send me an e-mail at [email protected]. For more understanding that is thorough, I highly suggest reading this post at least thrice so that you can clearly take in all the information and understand it to use it for your transformation.
First of all, if you are reading this that means there is something that is not working properly in your life and you are just so frustrated that you don’t have any focus right now, maybe you are just tired of your current stagnant situation and you are looking for a way out but something or the other pushes you back in the deep hole of overthinking and procrastination. If these are not the reasons then CONGRATULATIONS you are here out of your desire to improve your life to achieve what you really want from it and you want to learn more and more about positive life approach and finally your frequency matched with this knowledge and you are being directed on this page.
However, what actually does it means to lead a positive life? What you could be doing so wrong that you are here in this situation, what is missing in you that you cannot have the money the other people have or why can’t you just live a peaceful life? Why???…
In the year 2012, I was at the exact same point in my life where I was, always feeling lost, failed and discouraged by myself. Then I met my very own inner being that guided me to a dated but revolutionary new mind-set for me that changed me and my life in fraction of seconds and that was “The Law of Attraction”
What is Law of Attraction
Therefore, this law of the Universe called the Law of Attraction binds us all. This works just like gravity, no matter if you believe in this or not, it is there, it is working and it is giving you exactly what you have asked for. The Law of Attraction is just the Law of Mirroring. Simply stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself and take a moment to think about your current life, the people you have around you, the situations that you are in, whatever you are facing it is all attracted by you only, somehow these people have the same traits that you have or these are the things that you were always scared of,  but here comes the question, why would I do so wrong with myself ?  The answer is you did this just by being ignorant and avoiding your inner voice.  So according to the Law of Attraction You Attract Exactly as You Are. If you are ignoring yourself, people will ignore you too.
This law not only governs your life from the moment you open your eyes in the morning and until the very moment you fall asleep but even after that it works in passive mode when your subconscious and unconscious mind is very much active and it is creating your reality.  Actually the right statement would be that You Create Your Own Reality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter if you are sleeping, awake, walking, taking your class, driving, hitting the gym, doing your makeup, eating, having a date, falling in love, making financial decisions, dancing or just laying around doing nothing.  Every moment of your life, you are creating what you are going to have in due course of your life.
For understanding this a bit more, you need to know about few facts:-
1.   The Universe is always responding to your vibrations and it is delivering to you the exact people, places, things or opportunities that you have asked for. It can never not respond to you.
2.   While asking from the Universe you need to be patient.  When you put a desire in front of the Universe it responds on the same frequency that you carry around.  You can say that it has a buffering time for this.  So it is going to be a while when you receive what you ordered.  
3.   Be specific about what you want.  If you are confused about your desires, you must know that universe will be confused too. As a result, you will only receive frustration, anger and confusions. So be very specific.
4.   Be grateful. While you must be specific about what you want, you should be general and be grateful about what you already have.  You should look around and feel the presence of every facility and comfort that is already given to you. It will not only make you realise how beautiful and fulfilled your life is, but it will bring more of that to you too. Simply acknowledge the things around you and within few days, you will feel a superb change in your attitude and circumstances.
5.   Fake it till you make it. Yes, you heard me right. You must feel that you already have it.  Just think about it for a moment.  Close your eyes and just feel the door knob of the house that you wanted for so long.  Now open the door and see what all is inside.  Feels thrilling right.  Be thrilled.  Feel like an owner of the house right now.  Soon you will match up with the guidance that will lead you to your ultimate goal for owing that house.  Just feel it.
So now it must be clear to you that universe is just matching up with the frequency that you are giving to it. These were few things that you must keep in mind before making any next desire.
This subject needs much more clarification and explanation then this but for now read this post repeatedly till you understand the core message.  I will share more in my next post until then HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND OF COURSE DARLINGS, KEEP LOVING YOURSELF.
Note : please excuse grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in my posts. Just focus on the message that is what the most important thing is. But if you notice anything and you think it needs to be corrected just email me on [email protected] I will be forever thankful.


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