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          I welcome you to smallandstrong.in
 This is just an introductory post to let you understand what smallandstrong.in is. I was just another girl like you but there was always a curiosity inside me that made me push myself to learn new things.  I am and always was a person who believed in spiritual knowledge and spirit science. I faced a lot of issued in my early life and I was looking for answers everywhere.  The spiritual experiences I was having every now and then added fuel to the fire and I never stopped looking for answers.  I was always so deeply touched by human suffering and complexities of life hence I had to look for a way for myself to understand the source of this pain and I needed to learn how to address it and get my answers. I read books, attended seminars, talked to wise people and what not, but when I did not get my answers outside I had to look inside and then I found a bright guidance that revealed a great path to turn my life upside down.  Once learned this great knowledge, I never looked back and since then met many people, taught them the same and made many good friends.  Needless to say that they have changed their life themselves.
You must be wondering what was my tool or medium to have this shift in my paradigm, well my answer is simple, I started learning about METAPHYSICAL WORLD and SPIRIT SCIENCE. I am still learning everyday and still growing because this process never stopes. You will see changes in yourself and you will feel the difference inside you too. So this website is dedicated to every bit of knowledge that I have. Right now I am sharing all this information for free but in future we will be arranging dedicated sessions so take advantage of this opportunity and contact about anything you want to ask. Comment below this post to ask me questions and subscribe to this blog to get notifications about my new posts.
You will be having a question in your mind that why am I sharing what I have, well it is easy, when you have this knowledge you can not stop sharing it, this is actually how it works because it is all based on collective consciousness and I am like you, a part of it. At some point of time I will earn money too by doing dedicated paid sessions of you guys.
So, I have explained everything for now and we can help each other grow and achieve heights in our lives. So till next post HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND OFCOURSE DARLINGS, KEEP LOVING YOURSELF.
Note : please excuse grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in my posts. Just focus on the message that is what the most important thing is. But if you notice anything and you think it needs to be corrected just email me on [email protected] I will be forever thankful.


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