The travel bug hit me and I started travelling solo this year and it is been a hell lot of fun. Those of you who follow me on Instagram who how much I travelled past months and you guys enjoyed my photos and videos a lot. I am happy with the huge response I got.

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So while travelling solo I learned a lot about the stuff that you need and how to pack correctly.

In this post, I am sharing all the products that you would love to have with you while travelling.

I do travel solo but most of the products are for everybody regardless of you are travelling with kids or your friends.

1. Your Backpack / Luggage

Your Backpack or luggage is your travel partner so choose wisely. I would say go for the backpack. Your hands will be free to handle any kind of situation and you would be able to carry your stuff easily in case you need to walk a lot in any emergency situation. My backpack is from Wildcraft and it has been to 5 states with me and I can not travel with any other kind of luggage. here are some suggestions for you.

This one is what I am using for the past year for my solo trips 👇👇

some more useful backpacks 👇👇

2. Organiser Bags

trust me when I say, “You Need Them, Period. These bags will keep you sorted and you will know what goes where. No Muss No Fuss.

3. Travel Shoes

If you have proper shoes for the task, you have won half of the game. I can not stress enough that you need good shoes for your feet people. Not only for travel but for daily use itself. Shoes play a major role in maintaining your body health.

Although I appreciate shoes made by woodland, and I do have one pair from them, but you can never go wrong with crocs for travel purpose. They are lightweight, water-resistance and moreover, they are super-duper comfy.

This is my personal pic from crocs 👇👇

The reason for choosing this particular design was very strategic. They can be worn for travel, they can be worn for daily use, they look good with every outfit, plus you can use them as bathroom slippers in case of emergency with using only the first band to fasten your feet.

You can buy the same pair here 👇👇

some more recommendations

4. Travel Wallet

Keeping your money safe while travelling is the biggest challenge. A slip of an eye and it is all gone. I personally use a sling bag but you can use different kinds of wallets. check the options below 👇👇

5. Travel Pillow

In-between flights or in-between trains, you need a pillow to rest your head-on. I have travelled only via trains so far and no matter I am travelling on a Shatabdi or a Rajdhani express, I just can not use the pillows, sheets and blankets etc provided on your birth. The same thing happens to me in hotels. So, I need my own pillow wherever I go.

I am using a bean travel pillow but I am going to switch to a high neck raise pillow soon. The later will support your neck perfectly and is best to hold your head properly. 👇👇

So these were my top amazon travel essential must-haves recommendations. If you find any of this helpful, kindly do let me know through comment or chat section.

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