I am a working media professional who is so busy with her job and doing household chores that I never get time to treat my skin properly. Also, Due to some treatment I am taking and because of all the external factors I used to get severe acne time to time.

I am not obsessed with clear skin neither I can do “7 step skincare routine” to keep my skin refreshed but acne was something I was not having a good relation with.

Acne can be painful and it gives an itchy feeling to the skin. It leaves scars and more over it spreads when it is touched.

The pain of these pimples and the itching makes me so stressful. In one night I get my face full of red hot boils…can you feel my pain ???

So few months ago I was randomly sending messages to some brands with my PR proposals and I came across this life saviour named Afghan Taseer. They said yes for sending a PR package and to my surprise they asked about my skin type and any other issues if I had.

I was surprised because till date no brand took such keen interest in understanding my skin needs before sending a PR Package. well I must say that I was impressed already.

Product Name – Rose Oil Elixir

Price – 300 ₹

Quantity – 3ml

I received the package the next day as this brand is too Delhi based. They sent me few products which included this magical potion in question here named Rose Oil Elixir and it is the part of their AFREEN range.

Information from taaseer.com 👇

An age-old traditional practice from the lands of silk route – Afghanistan & Persia. Brings AAFREEN Rose oil, it is an essential part of the Persian beauty ritual, handed down as a royal secret over the generations. This contains the purest extract of Mohammedi Rose Oil and White rose oil to provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a royal treatment to cure acnes.


  • *The anti-bacterial properties will stop the growth of pimples.
  • *Anti-pigmentation
  • *Uneven skin tone
  • *Darkening of chin area
  • *Anti-inflammatory
  • *Antidepressant in nature
  • *When applied on pulse points, it keeps the mood happy high and spiritually high


Clear your skin with normal water or marassim or ubtan. After cleaning it, apply the oil on active pimples or pimples about to grow.

Note-As its a very pure extract. Start applying lesser and then slowly increase the quantity as your skin adopts it well. Do not mix it with any creme.


  • *Rose white Oil
  • *Rose Oil

My Experien

First look at the picture below. This was the condition of my face before I started using The Rose Oil Elixir from Taseer.com

And this is my face after the healing

Steps You Need To Follow Before Using The Rose Oil Elixir

  • Stop using face washes for cleaning the face.
  • You can either clean your face with normal water or gram flour aka besan.
  • I made a paste of Besan+Haldi+Honey and added some water and kept it in a glass jar in refrigerator.
  • I used only this to cleanse my face twice or thrice a day.
  • You can also use FAROZAAN – UBTAN MASK but consult the brand first so that they can suggest what is best for you keeping in mind your skin issues.

How To Use

  • This oil is supposed to be used only in night time as it feels a little warm on the face.
  • Do not mix it with any other skin cream or any other substance.
  • clean your face before using it.
  • Apply on the affected area.
  • Do not wash away if you feel a little warm sensation on your skin.


As soon as I received the PR package, I started using The Rose OIl Elixir the same night by following all the instructions that brand gave me. The next morning I noticed that my pimples have less redness and the size is a little bit reduced. I kept apply it every night and the fourth day I could see that 50 % of my pimples were gone.

After using this oil for a month or so I saw huge improvement in my skin and even marks were fading away gradually.

Now I regularly use other skincare products too from the brand as it has gained my trust. They have a variety of skincare, harecare, and other products and their NIJAAT – PAIN RELIEF oil is a must have in my family. My mother has arthritis and this oil helps her with her joint pains.

If you wish to buy anything from the brand then click here ☞ taaseer.com

Important Note :-

I still get pimples because of pollutions, external factors, occasional bad food, and the treatment that I am going through. But now I know how can I heal my skin.

Just like me you will also need to make changes in your diet, skincare, habits and all to see a holistic change because only using one thing and not changing your approach will do no good. So live mindfully. Much Love.


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