What are angel numbers and why are you seeing them everywhere

You pick your phone all of a sudden and the time on the clock is 11:11 or 12:34 or you are simply walking by on the street and suddenly a car crosses you by your side and the number plate shows 4242, you ordered your food at a restaurant and the receipt says that your total bill is 999 Rs.  If any of this ever happened to you then, my friend, kindly know that you are surrounded and protected by Angels and the Universe and these numbers are a sign that they are trying to communicate with you.

So many people around the globe are talking about angel numbers these days and people are so excited upon seeing them. However, some of us still do not have any clear Idea about what angel numbers are. Nonetheless, this topic is exciting.

What Are These Numbers

Angel numbers is the pattern of repetitive numbers that you may encounter at any given point of your life at any time.  As it is clear by the name, these are angel signs for you to get guidance from the Universe, your guiding angels and ascended masters.

I have already discussed five signs that universe is talking to you. Click here to read.  Although, I have discussed angel numbers in that post briefly and here I am going to elaborate everything you need to know.

Numbers play extremely important and a big part in our life as we all already know that even the computer language is based on number system (Binary numbers) and our lives are honestly run by just computers today, be it entering a metro or getting a movie ticket. That is the reason that high-vibrational beings such as angels and the universe itself uses numbers as a medium of communication.

How Angel Numbers Look Like

  Angel numbers is a specific set of repetitive numbers that appear in our physical reality frequently like 1111. 222 or 999. You can see these on your bill, clock, a phone number, seat number, and page number, likes of your Instagram post, your internet speed, and number on a vehicle’s license plate, anywhere.

The Most Important Thing-What Angels Are Trying TO Do With These Numbers

You are seeing angel numbers because the universe is trying to get your attention and saying, “Hi, I have got your back”.   Sometimes in life, there comes a really low point where everything seems so dark. You feel utterly alone and you can not make anyone understand how you feel and what you actually need. You are failing in the most desired thing you ever wanted in your life. You are not having enough money to send your kids to the best school you wanted for them, your boss is being an asshole lately, you want to achieve so much in your new project but you are totally clueless about the funding, you enjoy being outdoor but your asthma never allows you to, or you are alone again on your birthday when all your friends have loving partners in their life. These are some of the really low vibrations anyone can feel. This is where you look for the answers and endings of your sufferings. We seek help from the universe (or Almighty and God- I just use the word universe for God and Almighty, you may use whatever suits you) and we pray and ask them to show us a way out of this chaos.

You surrender and you are ready to receive and here is the exact point where you start receiving signs from angels. Repetitive numbers are one of those signs. It is a sign that you are not alone, it is a sign that someone is there to catch you when you fall, it is a sign that keep your faith firm because your prayers are being answered, it is a sign that you will soon be out of your misery, it is a sing that help is being sent, it is a sign that your time is approaching fast and it is also a sing that you are on a path to self-growth, abundance and you are getting closer to your desires.

By showing these numbers, angels want you to feel that you are not alone and you always have access to help, support and guidance. At times, when you feel lost or alone just talk to angels and give them permission to help you.

Why I Am Seeing All These Numbers

The big question here is that what are the meanings of these numbers.  Well speaking about the most common phenomenon these days i.e. 1111, I would say that be really happy when you see this and fasten your seat belt as you are entering a new dimension.

  Your consciousness has evolved enough to distance it from all the distractions and see the bigger picture. If you try to focus then you can easily see that 1111 form the shape of a door. Angels have used this specific shape of a door to show you that you are about to enter a new sphere where you can achieve more of your personal spiritual growth.  Once you start seeing 1111, you may notice that all of a sudden new people are entering your life, they have a different and quite uplifting opinion about life and somehow you are attracted to and co-relate to this new approach. 

This new life seems normal and comfortable to you.  You don’t indulge yourself in useless arguments and toxic people anymore.  You have a sudden urge to love each and every living being.  When you wake up in the morning, you are filled with new energy to learn more and more about this sensational feeling in your heart and you keep on seeing 1111.  This is the answer from the angels to let you know why you have been feeling everything lately.

This was just an example and a brief explanation about angel number 1111.  There are many and every number has its own divine meaning and purpose.

Now is the time for you to rise and enjoy your raised vibrational frequency.  When you will acknowledge these changes, you will deliberately choose different things for yourself.  So don’t hesitate to step ahead and take a chance.  Because whenever you will need guidance, angel numbers will be with you to guide you and hold your hand.  Much Love.

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Note: please excuse grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in my posts. Just focus on the message that is what the most important thing is. But if you notice anything and you think it needs to be corrected just e-mail me on [email protected] I will be forever thankful.

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