As a human, we long for companionship and a loving partner. This is our basic need to get love and feel important to someone else. At some point, that need becomes so much strong that it clouds are judgment and we get into relationships which are not helpful to grow as a person. I would not say that you could totally skip this part because experiencing bad before getting to the good is the actual process of the Universe.

A Rewiring Program To Find True Love

So first of all if you are or were in a crappy relationship, forgive yourself for making this stupid mistake as it only helped you know what you don’t want in your this lifetime.

This post has a systematic scientific approach to find a partner according to the Law of attraction so please make sure you follow it properly before making your profile on any matchmaking site or getting started on looking for a partner. The Article that you are reading will give you a life changing brain rewiring program and your entire way of looking for a romantic relationship will be changed. I highly suggest taking screenshots of this post where you think necessary or make notes if you want to have a visual impact of this on your conscious mind.

Why We Have All The Relationships In Life

When we decided to come on earth in this time space reality, we agreed upon the contracts that we made prior to our birth as a human.  These contracts aka relationships were made by us to experience contrasts in our life as a human so that we can experience emotional conflict.  The purpose of this emotional conflict is to achieve spiritual growth, which is the ultimate goal of the Universe for its expansion.  Keep in mind that our expansion is important because universe understands itself through our experiences on this 3D (Three-dimensional) planet, The Earth.

We Signed Up For This

Before coming on to this planet, we designed every relationship we wanted to experience in this particular lifetime. As a human, It was you who decided that who will be your college sweetheart, it was you who chose the ‘F**k’ Buddy to make you feel like shit, and it was you who chose to get married to a husband or a wife hastily.  Sounds weird, Right.  However, all these choices were made by us only to experience what we do not want, to realize what we do want. It is important to happen this way because only after living in a dark place, you can know how sunshine feels on your cold skin.  

So now, you have reason why you came across all the horrible relationships that you never really wanted in your life and they are a part of your reality. However, what we forget is there is always a “FREE WILL” to amend our Karma and we can always make better choices and shift our focus from those relationships that we choose. You can be in a happy and supportive romantic relationship but first you need to work on few things.

Let’s Get This Sorted

Here is a Three-Step approach that you need to attract your perfect companion in life. 

Just notice that I am using the word companion here because to have a romantic partner or any other relationship you actually don’t need a tag.  These tags are just made by us humans to feel secure with a sense of belonging. So, focus on attracting a companion, not a boy-friend/girl-friend or a husband/wife.

Who You Really Are

As I already discussed in my previous posts, law of attraction is law of mirroring where our life reflects what we feel inside. To attract a perfect partner, the first thing you need to understand is who you really are.  We have a tendency of idealizing every relationship and that is so wrong that it explodes at some point. Please do not try to be who you are not.  If you love to smoke then please first acknowledge this about yourself.  Not your habits only, go deeper and lift the veil to see who you really are.  Do you feel insecure, are you a person who just wants to sit in a chair all day long and don’t want to go to a 9 to 6 job, are you monogamous or you want multiple sexual partners, do you have anger issues, do you want to just get married but don’t want to have kids or you just don’t want to be married at all.  Do you spend a lot and earn less, do you want to travel all your life, do you want more than one house. The list of these questions goes on and on.  Nevertheless, all these questions are so very important. 

Ask yourself, who you really are and make a list of your true traits. Please do not judge yourself while doing this because there is nothing wrong in whatever kind of life you want. In fact, this assessment is necessary to attract not an ideal but right and perfect partner for you who will be able to shower you with the unconditional love you were looking for. Just remember, no matter how you live your life from the outside, all you are going to attract is how you actually feel from the inside. 

Whom You Want

After doing your own assessment now, you have a list of your true traits and it will help you in making a sketch of the qualities you want in your life partner.  Remember that universe is not focusing on what you wrote on paper, these lists are a visual aid for you only.  The Universe will only listen to your internal dialogue that you constantly have no matter you are awake or asleep.  Your subconscious mind is just fabricating the imagination to send it as a picture message through its transmission to the universe that it uses as reference to make your desires, a reality.  For the next step, start imagining about a person that fulfills all the criteria that you just figured out.  What kind of person will actually be helpful in your growth? Please think about your core needs and wants as you will love the display of affection just for a while and after some time you will need more anchor in your relationship.  While thinking about the qualities, feel free to imagine the physical features of your life partner too. The hair, color of eyes, height, smile, hands and what not.  These minute details are important.

The Universe does not categorizes physical features as beautiful or ugly but it is all about your preferences.  The real connection starts taking place after you go ahead and explore that person. Let me tell you a fun fact here.  You will only have the kind of picture in your imagination which person is actually already there for you as I said before; this is we who choose our relationships prior to coming on this planet. Lol. So feel free to picture your life partner in your mind.  Actually, your higher self is helping you creating this imagination.  Yes, it is that interconnected and interesting. Let it flow. See it with the eyes of your heart and just smile and enjoy your imagination.

Once you will know who you are, you will get to know what kind of person will be good for you and then you can set the intention and viola, the partner will be manifested.

Do The Math

Now you have clear picture of who you are and who you want.  At this point, be a lawyer and argue from both the sides. Are they good for each other and help each other grow??? Take a paper and draw a line just in the middle of it. On the left side honestly write your traits and on the right side write about your desired life partner and see are they similar or not.  If they are not similar then you will have to be exactly like the person on the right side to attract him or her.  Why? Because you get what you are.  The law of attraction is law of mirroring. The Universe (mirror) will just reflect what you are. SO first, be the person you want.

Work On Similarities; Have Faith And Practice Gratitude

Now you know exactly what you are looking for and this is the time to act upon similarities. Again, be very clear when you set intentions as the Universe is taking snapshots of your visualizations and thoughts to process your request. Work on the similarities you both have. Look for new ways to develop positive traits of the other person you just thought will be good for you. You need to feel the joy of having that person by your side right now.  It is all about the feeling you are going to have.  Just imagine, How it would feel when your partner will sit next to you on dinner table and you will share meals, laughing and teasing each other, Imagine how would it feel when you both will be walking, holding hands on a fresh, sunny day, imagine how would it feel when you will get to click a picture as a couple….isn’t it just so soothing to imagine all these things.

How Much Time Will It Take

The Universe has no linear time so there can not be any promise about calendar days. It can happen in one night or it can take years as it is based on your awakening. The more you be honest about it the faster it works. You can make major changes in your life using law of attraction and by adopting it as a way of living, you will see that things are turning out beautifully and you are having so many synchronicities and opportunities.

No dating site can teach you what I have discussed here today. This self rewiring program is going to make you a love magnet. Once you tap in, it will be happening in a blink of eye. Trust The Universe and set an intention to fill your life with Love, Laughter and Light. Much Love.

Note: please excuse grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in my posts. Just focus on the message that is what the most important thing is. But if you notice anything and you think it needs to be corrected just e-mail me on [email protected] I will be forever thankful.


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