Law of Attraction is the most powerful binding law of this universe. It is actually a code and at the same time very simple one but like always, we are trained to ignore the simplest ways of getting out of any situation or understanding any patter and rhythm.
          When you will start reading about law of attraction, at first you will feel like a secret agent who is learning something or getting to know about a secret weapon system, lol, I felt the same way, the next feeling that I got was OMG, what the fuck I have done to my life!!! However, when you actually get to know every aspect of using law of attraction, you get your catharsis and then all of a sudden you feel relaxed, more calm and balanced.
          The fact that is needed to be accepted here is that the law of attraction is working for you, it is providing you with people, places and things that you have attracted for yourself through your thought process and actions.  Whatever situation you are in, is a result of your thought process only.  But how???

          It all comes down to 17 seconds.  YES.  17 seconds only.  The life span of a thought is just 17 seconds and in this short time frame you are actually creating your physical reality.  To understand this principle you must know about this 17 seconds rule.  I also have a video on this topic and you can watch that by clicking here :-

          Human mind is the most powerful transmission tower of the world and it is sending and receiving signals every second.  Thus, it is always working, working and working, no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Sometimes you are consciously thinking about something and sometimes it is happening on unconscious level and you don’t even know it.  So, when we have a thought it lasts for about 17 seconds and the next thought will be a corresponding thought based upon this very first thought and it also has the same life span that is only 17 seconds. When this thought reaches its 68 second life span, it is determined to be manifested.
#Lifespan of a thought                                = 17 seconds
#Repetitions it needs (To be manifest)       =   4
#Circle will be completed In                      = 68 seconds
17s x 4(times) = 68 (sec)



Here you can see it clearly, now let me explain what I mean by this.  Now we know that a thought lasts for only 17 seconds but the twist is that the next thought will be based on this very first thought and the next one, and the next one.  And once it completes its 4 repetitions, it is bound to be a reality.  If you are thinking that, somehow, you are going to burn your breakfast and you keep thinking about it then it is for sure that you will burn your food, maybe not on the same day but very soon. Why not immediately, because universe has its own buffering period and that is why we get our wished fulfilled not immediately but on the right time actually.  We must be very thankful toward the universe for having this buffering period because it is teaching us to be patient at the same time it is giving us time to amend our negative and harmful thoughts too because if immediate manifestation happens, our negative thoughts will also be manifested immediately and we so not want that.  But how to understand this mechanism? Well here is the solution.  First of all you need to understand that our unconscious mind is the controlling force of our conscious mind and our reaction to different circumstances and our actions.  Our subconscious mind is extremely powerful and at the same time extremely vulnerable. It is as if our unconscious mind is like an open recording device, which is always recording whatever you are hearing, saying and feeling.  It is also getting impressions of what you are not consciously aware of. 

     This is how “The Subliminal Mechanism” (when our mind receives messages below our levels of awareness or  when body is not in awaken state) works.  If you put on your earphones and listening to something and you fell asleep, everything, which was being said, gets recorded in your mind.  The subconscious or unconscious mind is also designed to not to listen the word “NO”.  Close your eyes and say to yourself that I do not want to sleep, and suddenly you feel a little dizziness, yes, it is that powerful.  So, whatever is getting accumulated in this space takes shape of our conscious thought process and based upon our data we will have positive or negative thoughts.  When a certain person is known as a very negative person that means he has tons of negative data in the storage of his mind. So it is very easy for him or her to think only negative about any circumstance and these kind of people tend to be cranky and demanding all the time.  Because of this negative storage, they get negative thoughts and then after negative thoughts they tend to focus on the negativity hence they attract negative events in the life and ultimately they blame that destiny is unfaithful and unfair . I hope now you understand the working mechanism of 17 seconds rule.

          Now here is the time to pull yourself out from this vicious circle.  All you need to do is stop.  Just stop yourself from having the very first negative and destroying thought that attracts more of it for the rest of the day. At first you will have to distract your mind and purposely choose something else to think about and for that all you need to do is be surrounded by the high vibrational frequency atmospheres.  If you don’t have one, you can create one for yourself. Here is a natural phenomenon, wake up in the morning and no matter what you do you will experience your first thought as a negative one. This happens because we had this very negative thought before falling asleep the corresponding night.  

So, you can do this:-
Step #1
Start journaling.
      Yes.  Journaling, specially writing down helps a lot. Download any app on your mobile or buy a small notebook and have a pen and start writing about all the good things you are grateful for in your life. No matter how unforgiving life is right now, you must have something to be thankful for.  Like anything.  It can be sunlight because without it the human life is not possible on earth.  Also, Start with the small things like the comfortable pillow that you were searching  like for ages and now you have it and it helps you in having a good night sleep.  Be thankful about the pillow and the brand that manufactured it and most importantly thank universe that you have money to buy that.  Be thankful about the job you have because that is the reason you have this money to buy your pillow.  Be thankful towards your family that is taking care of you or your kids so that you can do your job without feeling so much burdened. Be thankful for the car or public transport that you use daily to get to your workplace.  Be thankful for your workplace that gives you the opportunity to polish and utilize your skills and knowledge that you acquired after so many years of studying in school or college.  Be thankful towards your parents who made it possible for you to go to school.  See, we just started with the pillow and the list goes on and on. And I am sure that you must be feeling positive after reading this.  
Step #2
Consciously Choose Positivity
     After having this night sleep and after feeling so much grateful, I am pretty sure you will wake up more energized and happy.  If you still feel a morning depression kind of feeling, worry not, it is OK and it is very normal.  You are human and you have just started a new journey. It will take time to reprogram your mind and you can always start again. There is no pressure but at the same time do not ignore this feeling.  Take a deep breath and try to find a root cause of this feeling.  When you get to know about it, just accept it, give it recognition and step out of your bed and listen to some positive affirmations or happy and uplifting music.  Try to avoid morning news and other shows that only focuses on negative and unfair happenings around the world.  The more you choose wisely the more you will be happy.  Choose happy people, happy places, happy food, happy atmospheres.  Be surrounded by calmness. Be surrounded by simplicity. 
Step #3
Do not ignore the negative
     As I already said, the mind can not listen to the word “NO”.  Whenever you have a negative thought and you push it away forcefully and deny it, it comes back with more force.  This is like a small kid who asks for your attention and you keep ignoring him and after so many attempts when it does not gets what it wants, it does something damaging to attract your immediate attention. And,  you do not need this damaging force so simply deal with it right now so that it gets confidence that you will take care of it and it will not give you random tantrums. So next time when you have a negative thought, stop right there and find the root cause, acknowledge it and you can move forward without any burden.
          These steps are actually easy but at the same time, it needs a commitment to follow these so that you can train your mind to mend your circumstances for good.  This was a simple explanation of Law of Attraction code to move forward towards cracking it.  I highly suggest you read this post for minimum three times to actually understand the working mechanism of our thoughts. 
     I really hope you understand how simply you can mend your physical realities just by controlling your thought process just by training your subconscious mind for good.

     I have tried to keep this post as simple as possible but if you have any questions or suggestions kindly do not hesitate dropping me a comment in the comment section below or if you want to contact me personally then please send me an email at [email protected].  I would love to hear from you and will show up here soon with more amazing posts on law of attraction and the metaphysical, till then “HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND OF-COURSE DARLINGS, KEEP LOVING YOURSELF.



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