The Universe, God, Almighty, Energies, always and always respond to you. Want to see how they responded to me, read below

Here is a blessing in times of COVID – 19 Lockdown…

I am sharing with you, a very intense and intimate thing I experienced in the early times of my spiritual journey. Well almost at the starting point.

Sometimes shocking things happen to you and at first, you deny that they happened. You do not accept them for a long long time, I did the same. Though I shared my experience with one of the very close people, I could not share it with the world as I was scared of rejection and criticism but I am not anymore.

My life got enlightened with spiritual guidance in 2012, the year that put me on the path that leads me to where I am today.

Here is a very interesting detail about this post. When I started drafting this post I was skeptical about the exact date when this photo was taken. I searched for it in my google drive but I could only find the screenshot saved there. Fast forward to one month later, I started my spiritual coaching and I got so connected with my spirit guides that one day out of nowhere I felt an urge to look into my almirah safe and there I found an old memory card. Guess what? This was the exact memory card that had the original photo and I couldn’t feel more connected.

So this was Fall, 2016

I was just getting to know about angels, how they guide us and help us in our lives, how they always stand by our sides, how they never leave us alone, how they communicate by showing signs and most importantly, how they show up in physical reality sometimes.

I was reading about angels, watching YouTube videos and talking to people who were more aware of all these sorts of information

For a few days I was facing some issues, I was so confused and angry and I wanted to just grow wings and fly away to a place and never come back.

But obviously that was not possible. My frustration mounted up and up.

Among all this chaos, I could hear the voice inside me saying, stay on the track, keep walking, you are nearly there, nearly there, don’t stop just before it.

So I kept reading and listening to people talking about the Law of attraction, angels, and specifically, how the universe talks to us.

This happened on the 4th of September, 2016.

I was enjoying listening to Abraham Hicks lately. To be honest by this time I was on high flying disc for some days.

I started feeling so light and relieved as I came to know about how we need to surrender to the universe and let it do its job.

Half of my shift was over and now it was time for the lunch break. I eat my food while listening to Abraham hicks and I was left with some time to relax.

Instead of staying inside my office room, I decided to get some sun.

I came out of the circular building of my office and reached the backside of it. Marked point A and Point B with my eyes and started walking back and forth between these points with slow and easy steps.

The wind was so soothing, setting sun was giving a glow to everything touching its light.

With every step that I was taking, my inner being was trying to communicate with the Universe. I wanted to test it. I wanted to call on my guiding or spirit angels, I wanted answers…

I closed my eyes and with utter faith and surrender I said in my heart, “If you are there and if you are watching, this is the time, show me, show me that you care, and show me that you are with me, I really need you, help me.”

Just five seconds after saying this, I totally released this desire of getting answers and started clicking selfies keeping in mind the golden hour.

As soon as I raised my phone in front of my face, a ray of white light coming from the sun hit my eye and I could not see the picture that was being taken at that time. I felt like going blind with white light, at that time I did not understand that this was the divine light. In ignorance, I clicked one more picture without being able to see the screen properly.

I had to step away from that spot and had to wait for a few seconds before my eyes could see properly. And what I saw next was inexplicable

I rushed back to the room in utter shock…with shaking hands and raising heartbeat, I again unlocked my phone and gave a hard look to this picture.

Half of the picture zoomed in and a half at a normal distance, blue energy just above my head and on the right side of the picture, a clearly visible golden circle around my face.

” It can be a camera glitch,” my head said to me, but my heart was not ready to accept it, so I did not. I kept this picture a secret for a while but after a few days, I shared it with my mentor. He and his fellow leaders also validated the picture.

It was 2016 and I am writing this post in March 2020, when I am in quarantine, having all the connecting to my inner self and finally writing about it. I also got validation about this picture from my coach Liz who is an amazing spiritual coach and she coaches potential spiritual leaders.

At this point, I am not going to share what this Blue and Golden energy mean and what kind of validation I got from my mentor and my coach. I am leaving it to you guys so that you can ask questions yourself.

Do google it if you want help, do a search for these energies, ask the big question. Because this is no coincidence that the earth is taking a break and the world is rebooting itself. The universe is giving you time to just think about it.

I know much more now, I feel many things that are different, and sometimes I feel lost too. And whenever I feel clueless, I look back at this picture, to reassure myself that I am being watched all the time. No need to worry, angels are there.

Take this COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown as a blessing and challenge yourself to finally finally accept who you really are…

and share this post if possible…

Much Love



Veena · 14th May 2020 at 9:13 am

I can’t believe all things are happening. Nice post!

Neha nema · 29th March 2020 at 12:59 pm

Beautiful post dear.
I could relate it so much

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