Practice these affirmations daily to get healed from your money issues. You can do it with the mirror method or just writing them down in your journal. Just remember one thing. Emotion is the key.

No matter how many times you repeat these lines if there is no feeling behind this process then you won’t get any results.

Feel, breath, feel again. Just imagine how would it feel to have a lot of money through different sources.

So here are 20 best affirmations to heal your relationship with money. No 4 and 16 are my fav. Plus a bonus affirmation at the end.

Happy Manifesting.

1. Things Are Always Working Out For Me

2. I Attract Success And Good Fortune

3. The More I Appreciate The Money The More It Comes

4. The Better It Gets, The Better It Gets

5. I Am Worthy Of Financial Abundance

6. Abundance Wants Me

7. I Am Filthy Rich

8. I AM, Tuned In, Tapped In, Turned On.

9. I AM Going To Look For Reasons To Feel Good About Money

10. I Am Attracting Unconditional Abundance

11. I Am Receiving Money From Unknown Sources

12. My Relationship With Money Is Easy

13. I Allow Myself To have More Money

14. I Manifest Anything I Desire Easily

15. I Trust Myself With Money

16. I Am Wise With Money

17. There Is No Shortage Of Money Or Time

18. I Am A Powerful Money Magnet

19. I Want Money Through Joyous Experiences

20. I Am Perfectly Aligned To Get More Money

Bonus AffirmationI Am Used To Having More Money In My Life

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