When you start focusing on starting a new way of life by following the principles of the law of attraction, you suddenly feel the need of some signs or indications that you are on the right path and you are going in the right direction.

You will find yourself alone because not many people know how the law of attraction influences and changes your life.  So you are just feeling helpless. In this situation, if you focus on these few signs then you can understand that the universe is trying to talk to you and it is giving you signs every day. It is there and responding and you just need to acknowledge these signs to get the desired direction.

Here I am sharing a few signs from my personal experience.

#1 Sudden Coincidences

     Everything is a vibration or energy and when you reach the same wavelength, which is associated with high spiritual growth you start seeing synchronicities commonly known as coincidences. If you are working on your spiritual growth just keep this thing in mind that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is happening in relativity and every incident is a cause or effect.  All of a sudden you will see that you are meeting people that are helpful to you, you are having opportunities that will lead you to something very important in your life, you will win a contest or a lucky draw. Or something like that. You will suddenly get free in the morning to reach your office on time. People will come and offer help without even asking. There was a song playing in your head and all of a sudden it starts playing on your car’s radio. You are thinking of a person and somebody all of a sudden out of nowhere calls another person loudly with the same name. And you will be amazed and will ask yourself “ye ho kyaa raha hai”. these were just very few examples so if you are seeing all these things happening to you just remember that it’s a sign from the universe.

#2 Angel Numbers

     Once you are aligned with the universe you will see repetitive numbers commonly known as angel numbers in the spiritual science community. Your bill at the takeaway counter will be 555 rs the time you enter the metro will be 11: 11, you will receive a call and the phone number will have repetitive digits like 9999, when you will get the change of your money there will be a 500 rs note with your date of birth as last digits or you will see vehicles with repetitive numbers like 777 or 444  and let me tell you, it happens to me all the time. From morning until bedtime these angel numbers are all around me and angels are letting me know that they are with me and helping me and protecting me every single second. Here let me share a thing that I do. Whenever I receive a 100, 500 or two thousand rupee note with these special numbers I put it aside in my money bank that I keep at home and by doing this I saved 25,000 rupees in a very short amount of time. Although it is not that of a big amount, I was amazed by the result. So whenever you see these numbers just say “thank you” and feel grateful that universe has your back.

#3 Ringing in Ears

     This is a rare sign but it actually happens to those people who are spiritually highly active and sensitive. Their filters are blown and now they receive direct signals. This ringing can be from your spirit guides, your guiding angels, your departed loved ones and so. It happens like this – you are sitting in a conference hall or sleeping or just reading a book, all of a sudden you will hear a whistling kind of sound and sometimes it will feel like you are hearing a sound that has very high wavelength and for few seconds will hear nothing else but this sound. All other sounds will be blocked. Trust me I have been there and if this happens to you too then consider yourself sensitive to these energies and take good care of yourself so that you can continue with your journey towards awakening.

#4 Small Desires Coming True

     Now, this is a very important part of the communication that the universe has with you.  When you have a certain intention, an important, and significant one you will see that it is taking longer than usual in showing up in your physical reality.  It happens because the universe is letting you get ready for the big bonanza.  Meanwhile, you will see that many other teeny-tiny desires that you had in the back your mind are actually being fulfilled all of a sudden. You wanted help on something for quite a while and it was nowhere in the sight but now suddenly someone offered it to you and you cannot thank him enough. Or you wanted to talk to somebody for months and you did not have the contact number of that person and one fine morning you receive a text message from that same person saying “Hi, Remember me“. I can go on with this one but let us just jump on the next sign.

#5 Increased Intuition

     We all know that we humans are born with an internal radar system called “Intuition” and we are all familiar with how it works. The system is alerting us and letting us know about possibilities and encounters.  Some of you call it “Gut Feeling”. You will notice a significant increase in your intuition.  And this intuition will be helping you in getting to the core of what you are and who you want to be.  It will present to you a guiding path and that will lead you to tremendously abundant sources for all kinds of growth. So listen to it.  Follow it. It is working in your favor only and you can train yourself to get micro-messages with your increased intuition.

So these were 5 signs that The Universe is talking to you and you can train yourself to pick up the little details from around you and learn to communicate with universe and energies.  Remember one thing that “It is not out there, but in here 💓” I hope you can pick the hint 😉 .

Note: please excuse grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in my posts. Just focus on the message that is what the most important thing is. But if you notice anything and you think it needs to be corrected just e-mail me on [email protected] I will be forever thankful.


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