You can easily change your way of life once you understand that The Law of Attraction happens inevitably. You can not escape it as it is not a choice but a law that governs our universe. The best thing is to understand it rather than fighting with it.

I have created a list of 10 Easy To Remember Law of Attraction Rules which will guide you through your journey.

# 1 It is the law of mirroring. You get what you are, not what you want. So be the frequency of what you want to have.

# 2 Whatever you give, comes back to you multiplied. So give wisely.

# 3 Your mind knows no difference between your imagination and reality. Hence you can manifest whatever you feel like.

# 4 You only get or manifest you think you are comfortable with. If you have something to sell, you can only determine its price according to your understanding of self-worth. According to what you are going to be comfortable with. Even if you ask for a higher price, you won’t get the business, because inside you know it is too much for you to receive. So start with smaller things.

# 5 You need to go through what you don’t want in order to understand what you do want. It is simply giving you the contrast. In contrast, you learn to differentiate.

# 6 Law of Attraction never fails. You can not choose it to work or not to work. It is working every day, every minute, every second of your life. It is like the Law of Gravity. It never fails.

# 7 Law of Attraction is for your own understanding. It will help you understand who you are and what you are. You will learn about yourself when you are placed in different relationships, circumstances, and given different things

# 8 The more you get to understand The Law of Attraction, the more you feel the need to let others know about it. Because now you realize that the more people understand it, the more it will be easy for you to live a good life as you will be surrounded by like-minded people.

# 9 There is a buffering time. Your thoughts take time before becoming your physical reality to give you time to think about your choices. Thank god for this buffer time because the bad thoughts could also be manifested in a wink of an eye.

# 10 Sit back, relax and enjoy the process. Don’t get attached to the outcome. The feeling of not having it will drive you even further away.

These 10 crisp and easy to remember the Law of Attraction rules will help you remind the power of this law, whenever you feel stuck. Don’t keep these to yourself only. Do tell others and also leave a comment below to let me know how can I help you better.


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