small & strong

Small and Strong is all about teaching you a lifestyle the Law of Attraction way.  It is a common belief that you can either be spiritual or live your life “practically” and that is so wrong that it keeps us away from all the happiness and abundance that we deserve. This website will help you achieve all of your goals and you will learn to live your life the effortless Law of Attraction way. You will get to know new things on karma, relationship, money, love, health, perfect partner, happy life and what not. In addition, you will get to know about my lifestyle and interests and you will clearly see how it is so so easy to live a beautiful life after understanding The Law of Attraction. Welcome aboard…                                                                                                


Angel Energy Caught On Camera !!!

I felt like going blind with white light, at that time I did not understand that this was the divine light. In ignorance, I clicked one more picture without being…

THE author

Hi, I am Sarabjeet and I am a huge believer of The Law of Attraction and the metaphysical. I have been practicing The Law of Attraction since 2012 but my real journey started way back when I was just a child experiencing all the spiritual things without knowing what they are.  I am still learning and many people have joined me in my life experiences and now their life has changed positively too. After getting the proper guidance, I felt the need to share what I have learned. This website is the result of my self-realisation. Go ahead and explore small and strong and I assure you, you will thank me later.